Don’t just listen — Think for Yourself

While Mr Mcstriver and I were growing up information was much more scarce than it is now. If we wanted to know how to spell a word we were told “Look it up in the dictionary”.  If we asked our parents too many why?, Why? Why?’s we would be told to “Check in the encyclopedia.” or “Why don’t you go  to the library to research it?”  Nowadays, though there is plenty of information to go around thanks to the internet.  We have search engines to help us find the information we need and navigate through the waste sea of information.

Boy Researching

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When information was scarce we weren’t generally worried about false information. Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and various other reference books were trusted recognized authorities.  Now that information is plentiful though it is easy to find voices on all sides of an issue.  We have learned that not all “authoritative” sources give the whole story.  This means our critical thinking skills are more important than ever.

While I might wish that the everything on the internet had to go through a lie detection test, I certainly don’t want to limit myself to only the mainstream sources of information, especially on vital information that impacts major life decisions.  This is why I don’t like the “filter bubble” that can occur when our personal information is used for our searches.  (To learn more about filter bubbles check out this TED talk.)  If I am looking for a recipe I might appreciate the search focusing on the blogs I follow first, but what if I am trying to decide whether to vote for or against a tax levy.  I want to hear both sides of the argument in this case, not just what people like me think. I want to make my own decision for myself.

Thinking Man

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One of our goals with this blog is to share how we are striving towards a simplified fulfilled life so that you can learn from our successes and our failures.  We want you to think for yourself. Please research what we share.  Our circumstances may be different than yours.  We want you to have simplified lives not be carbon copies of ourselves.  Feel free to share in the comments.  While we won’t tolerate name calling or blatant adverting , when will publish dissenting opinions.

We aren’t doctors or lawyers.  Everything we share is our personal opinions, with no claims they will work for you.  Of course we won’t share them if we didn’t think that the information might help you.  You should consult with your doctor about any medical decisions and your lawyer about any legal issues.  Don’t just listen to me, instead use what I have to say to make you think so you can reach your own conclusions.