Skiing the Race to win….

Hello from the McStriver household. We plan on watching a lot of the Olympics. We were glued to the tv on the first night of coverage. They were showing some preliminary qualifying events in skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating.


We were watching in awe.  The speed, the agility, the flips, the crashes, and did I mention the speed.  Seeing the snowboarders do flips in the middle of the air, and most of them landing upright on their feet was awesome.  We firstly thought there is no way that we could do any of this.  But then realized how inspired we are. These athletes didn’t just wake up one day and say, I’m going to compete in the Olympics tomorrow. They took baby steps.

Snowboard Wipeout

They would first learn (most of them probably at a very young age) to put the ski or snowboard on their feet.  Then they probably learned to move forward, then added some speed.  After a lot of practice, they would begin to try some variation on their routines.  They probably fell on their faces more than they want ot admit.  But you know what, they always got up and tried again.  They have spent most likely thousands of hours of practice to get where they are today.  Watching them, we agreed they are all winners in a way.

Image courtesy of artur84 /

Image courtesy of artur84 /

Should we all aspire to be Olympic athletes?  For most of us the answer is no.  But watching all of these athletes should inspire us to do something that we enjoy to the best of our abilities.  If you enjoy playing basketball, just keep playing your heart out.  Keep practicing.  You may be vertically challenged like we are, but you could make it up with speed.  You will probably fall flat on your face, and get rejected 9 out of 10 shots, but keep at it.

“Winning is not everything – but making the effort to win is.”

                                            – Vince Lombardi

We don’t need to be perfect in everything we do.  There is nothing wrong with not being the best.  The only problem is if we leave something on the court (or field, or whatever you are do)  We should all try to identify what we enjoy doing and just go after it.